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The Pro Points Loyalty Scheme

What is the Pro Points Loyalty Scheme
The EWI Store Loyalty Scheme or Pro Points is promoted and operated by EWI Store (ABS Ltd), whom has made this possible by agreeing the funding of this scheme in a separate commercial agreement with EWI Pro Insulation Systems Ltd (also the current supplier of the materials where the points are redeemable).
EWI Store (ABS Ltd) Registered office: Unit 1, Kingston Business Centre, Fullers Way South, Chessington, Surrey KT9 1DQ. Registered No: 07665021.

Terms and Conditions of this Loyalty Scheme
These are the terms and conditions which apply to your membership of the EWI Store Loyalty Scheme or the Pro Points Scheme (‘the Scheme’) and the allocation of the Pro Points based on your purchases made using your Trade Account.
The Scheme enables you to earn Pro Points from EWI Store when paying for your goods made by purchasing them in-store, on the phone or online. All purchases made need to be linked to the Trade Account used to make these purchases.
The level of Trade Discounts currently applied may determine whether we give permission for you to participate in the Scheme or not. Please ask for more details.

Participation Rules of the Scheme
  • The Scheme is promoted by EWI Store, and is available to selected EWI Store Trade Account holders. We will make it clear at the start whether you are eligible to participate in the scheme or not.
  • The Scheme is only available to Trade Accounts that are set-up in the European Economic Area.
  • Membership of the Scheme is entirely at our discretion, and accordingly, we reserve the right to refuse any applications.

Pro Points
  • The Pro Points will be allocated on the basis of product point allocation. Each product will have different value allocated.
  • We may from time to time offer you bonus Pro Points for specific promotions, subject to availability, but you will always be advised of the bonus points when the offer is made. Current bonus points offer: redeeming your points by bringing the point cut-outs on bagged items to our store in Chessington, Surrey (KT9 1DQ).
  • Pro Points are earned 14 days after invoice settlement.
  • Average value of a Pro Point is c£0.05, but this cannot be substituted for cash or a spending voucher.
  • Pro Points can only be earned on fully paid up invoices. Trade Account holders will need to wait for the invoices to be fully paid up before any points are earned.
  • We can at our discretion deduct or refuse point allocation on the basis of late payments, missed payments or incorrect payments.
  • We may also at our discretion deduct points should the customer receive credit notes.
  • Scheme runs from the 16th October 2017 until a discretionary completion date. Points may not be redeemed on purchases made prior to this period.
  • Pro Points can be earned outside the UK territories, but the points earned should not be affected by the spend amount (not determined by cash amount).
  • We reserve the right to vary the Pro Points available; change the rate at which points will be allocated on the current products, or cease to offer the points within the current timeframe set for this Scheme. Any change will be notified by the display of notices in our stores, advised to you in reward mailings, or in writing or by online advertising.
  • Pro Points cannot be exchanged for cash, or additional trade discounts on future product purchases.
  • You may not be able to earn or redeem any Pro Points whilst you are in breach of your Account terms and conditions. Where we believe that there has been a breach of your notified Account terms and conditions, we may withdraw Pro Points already allocated and/or remove you from the Scheme, at our discretion. For example, as a result of delayed invoice payments for Trade Account holders, is a valid reason to cancel membership of the scheme.

EWI Store Loyalty Scheme Rewards
  • Pro Points will be added onto the Trade Account, 14 days after every calendar month. As mentioned (above), they will only be added on fully paid up invoices.
  • Trade Account customers on 30-day payment terms will only see the point allocation 14 days post the month of the invoice settlement date, and not 14 days post the month of the invoice purchase date. For example, a purchase is made in June 2018, payment date is July 2018, so the Pro Point allocation will materialize in the August 2018. Trade Account customers can always bring forward their Pro Point allocation by settling invoices early.
  • All invoices must be paid and up-to-date before Pro Points rewards can be claimed. Please note that unless outstanding invoices are fully paid, you may experience delays in receiving your Pro Points gifts.
  • Pro Points that are not realized for prizes are carried forward into the next month, where the Account holder will accumulate current month’s earned points onto the running balance.
  • The Account holder may redeem the Pro Points to prizes at any time, but EWI Store reserves the right to set its own time-period of when the prizes are sent out.
  • Pro Points can only be redeemed in EWI Stores or its affiliated partners (please ask for more details on affiliated partners).
  • The Account holder may redeem part of the current Pro Point allocation rather than the full amount on their current statement.
  • Every Pro Points Account holder can view and redeem their points online. The account details and password retrieval link can be found on the monthly Pro Points Statement email.
  • Pro Points can still be redeemed 6 months post the current scheme completion, which has currently not been determined.
  • We cannot be held responsible if the prizes get lost in the post/ courier service or they become damaged in the courier handing process.
  • Some restrictions may apply to travel rewards. All group travel is based on double occupancy. Buy-in amount must be paid in full prior to travel.
  • We will notify you in your regular reward mailing in the event that the opportunities for redemption of the Pro Points are amended.
  • We reserve the right to substitute or remove product/ ranges that are available for Pro Point accumulation or redemption.
  • We reserve the right to substitute Pro Points prizes.
  • EWI Store may from time to time bring out more EWI Pro Insulation System products that are available for Pro Point accumulation. Any new products that are available for Pro Points accumulation will be communicated in the monthly Statement communication on email.

General Terms & Conditions
  • Your membership of the Pro Points Scheme starts when your Trade Account is opened and you decide to opt-in based on the terms discussed here; or when we determine the Scheme is available to you and ends when your Trade Account is closed or when we determine that the Scheme is no longer in operation.
  • Although points can be redeemed in the European Economic Area, however prizes are subject to restrictions outside the UK. Contact us if you are in doubt. For example, travel prizes will be subject to Account holders flying out of UK airports.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel the Pro Points Scheme at any time giving Pro Points Account holder seven days’ notice in writing.
  • We reserve the right to change or amend the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme.
  • We reserve the right to take any appropriate action where the Pro Points Account holder has breached the Terms and Conditions of EWI Store Loyalty Scheme.
  • In the case of dispute, the decision of EWI Store will be final.
  • If you forget or lose your account username / password, then do get in contact with us immediately.
  • We are not responsible for unallocated points if you happen to provide us with the incorrect Pro Point Account details. We expect the name of the Account provided at the time of Pro Point accumulation will be final.
  • We cannot transfer points between different accounts.

Pro Points Scheme Data Policy
I understand that membership of the EWI Store Loyalty Scheme will mean that EWI Store may use transactional data on my Account for the purposes of analysis and so that specific can be allocated and redeemed as appropriate.
I may opt-out of receiving Pro Points Scheme monthly or period communications at any time by contacting 0203 397 4067, and I acknowledge that this will result in my membership of the Pro Points Scheme ending.